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5 Best Summer Car Care Tips

Posted on July 11,19 by cccadmin

From small steps such as cleaning the floor mats to bigger ones that require you to pop the hood,there are several ways you can make your ride safer and more comfortable, too. Here are our top
tips for keeping your car cool and running this summer.

1) Keep it clean
A long, wet winter can stress your car. Do a full audit, inside and out, looking for potential rust spots on the undercarriage and body. Rust in these spots can indicate a problem with the brake lines or fender wells. Review wiper blades, seals and other rubber components for winter wear and tear. Replace them if needed, and make sure you wash off any road salt or other residue before it has a chance to corrode. Don’t ignore the inside, either. Washing the floor mats is especially important if you live in a snowy state: road salt you track in could corrode the floor boards. When you do wash your car, do it in the shade to prevent hard water spots. A coat of wax every three months helps protect the paint, too.

2) Check the tires
Summer weather makes the air inside your tires expand, putting them at greater risk for a blowout. Avoid over- or underinflating your tires by checking the pressure regularly. Adjust the pressure according to the specifications listed on the sticker on the driver’s side door jamb.

3) Look under the hood
Spending 15 minutes every month under the hood of your vehicle may prevent 70 percent of problems that lead to highway breakdowns. Squeeze hoses to test for cracks and check for frayed belts that could indicate leaks. Check the battery, as higher temperatures can take a toll. Don’t forget to monitor your vehicle’s fluid levels, as well. The big five – oil, coolant, transmission, power steering and brake – keep your car running. Low fluid levels could indicate a hose leak or a larger problem. Beware especially of low brake fluid. AAA found that 88 percent of repair shops say drivers skip their brake fluid maintenance.

4) Mind the suspension
Cold winters mean potholes, dips, and bumps come summer. That’s bad news for your suspension. If a pothole is big enough to eat a tire, there could be additional damage to the suspension. Replacing worn shocks, springs, and joints will make the steering more alert, causing the wheel to react directly and predictably so that you can have more control. A rule of thumb: if you turn the wheel and get little response until it’s at a 30-degree angle it’s time for a tune up. AAA recommends checking the shocks by pushing down on each corner of the car after it has been driven. You’ll know the shocks are working properly if the car returns to a stable position after one bounce.

5) Stay cool
Keep air conditioning at a low, steady level instead of blasting it for short periods of time and then turning it off. Using the AC efficiently improves fuel economy and keeps your car in top

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