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Jim’s Automotive Tips for Winter

Posted on November 08,17 by cccadmin

Winter is the best time of year to make snow angels, however, it can be the worse time of year for inconvenient vehicle breakdowns. Here are a few useful tips to help keep
your vehicle running in tip-top shape so your hands and feet can stay warm and dry.

* Always consult your owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals

* Correct any performance and drivability problems- Hard starts, rough idle, stalling, reduced power

* Replace dirty and clogged cabin and engine air filters to improve fuel consumption and visibility

* Change your engine oil and filter as specified by your manual, the best way to maintain your engine

* Have your antifreeze tested and flushed as needed to prevent costly freeze damage to your engine

* Ensure heater and defroster are in proper working order for passenger comfort and visibility

* Replace wiper blades to prevent streaking that obstructs driver’s view

* Arrange to have your battery tested as a drop in temperature result in reduced battery performance

* Make a point to have all exterior light bulbs and lenses inspected so you can see and be seen by others

* Exhaust leaks can sneak into your passenger compartment which can be deadly if left in disrepair

* Worn tires are dangerous in winter road conditions, tire pressures drop as the temperatures drop

* Always carry and emergency kit: Gloves, boots, blankets, flares, shovel, litter/sand, high energy snacks

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